Thursday, 27 November 2014

Free online Quran teaching for kids

Allah has revealed his message through Quran to all of mankind. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to learn and understand Quran. Quran is also one of the primary sources for Sharia. Sharia is defined as the moral code according to which Muslims are expected to lead their lives as individuals and as part of society. Being a Muslim is not just believing in God, a Muslim is defined by how he spends his life. So it becomes of vital importance that Muslims learn, read and try to understand the context of Quran.

Parents need to be teach their children the importance of reading Quran. Children find it easy to memorize and understand things at an early age. Elders find it more difficult to learn new things as compared to children according to science. Hence, children need to be taught at an early stage the basics of Quran and how to read it. This will obviously require qualified and experienced teachers. The role of Quran teachers is quite important as they lay down the base for future learning of the child. Free Online Quran teaching for kids through this website will not only help children in getting high quality Quran education but will also reduce problems for parents that find it difficult to acquire the services of qualified teachers.

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