Wednesday, 8 April 2015

How to Find Qualified Online Quran Teachers for Teaching of Holy Quran

Perhaps, one of the most difficult tasks in teaching is the teaching of Quran. Because when an instructor is teaching the holy Book to a person, they are basically shaping their views and their concepts about Islam. Quran is one of the two primary sources of Sharia, code through which Muslims vow to live their lives. Hence, it becomes extremely important for a Quran teacher to deliver the most accurate meaning of Quran verses to his student. Any misinterpretation can stick in the student's mind for life. Muslims are encouraged to live their lives according to teachings of Islam. So for non-Arabic Muslims, their Quran teacher has an added responsibility. He has to not only convey the meaning of Quranic verses but also explain it properly in context to the student so they have a proper understanding of the verse.

Whether you are learning Quran from an online Quran Institute or from a physical Quran learning centre in a nearby location to your home, you need the best Online Quran Teacher . However, the responsibility is a two-way thing. It is also equally important for the student to play his role in the learning process. He should properly pay attention to what his instructor is explaining to him and also do his own research on the subject. Muslims are encouraged to explore reasons for themselves. Like any other deed in Islam, intention is of great importance. A person should have pure intention while learning Quran. His purpose should be to learn it from heart. Furthermore, like with any other learning, it is imperative that a person should be fully committed towards learning Quran. There should not be any intentional absentees or avoidance in attending daily classes.

Our Online Quran institute offers the best Quran Teachers online. We have years of experience in teaching Quran to people from around the world. We offer various courses, depending on the need of the person. Some people may require basic beginner level teaching so Noorani Qaida course is available. On the other hand, some people might want to memorize Quran so they can opt for Hifz-e-Quran course. Keep in mind that all of these courses are available to people of all ages as there is no restriction in Islam on learning and acquiring knowledge. You can avail our free trial so you can determine the quality of education we deliver to our students, yourself.


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